How Rehabilitation Therapy Improves Mobility

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as watching life’s endless possibilities, opportunities, and adventures pass you by because your mobility has been limited by a traumatic injury, chronic pain or illness, or some other physically debilitating problem.  

If you’re living with impaired mobility, you know firsthand just how much it can impact your day and turn the simplest task into a major challenge. But whether your condition makes it harder for you to climb the stairs, interferes with your ability to perform job-related tasks, or prevents you from playing your favorite sport, it’s vital to keep your body moving.  

That’s because engaging in regular, controlled movement is one of the best ways to promote natural joint lubrication, relieve chronic inflammation, reduce pain, increase strength, improve flexibility, and restore optimal range of motion — all of which contributes to improved mobility. 

Here’s how a comprehensive rehabilitation therapy program can help you. 

Rehabilitation therapy 101

Rehabilitation therapy is a comprehensive, holistic treatment approach that aims to take advantage of your body’s inherent capacity to heal itself. 

Although physical rehabilitation is a highly individualized process, the main goal of any effective rehab program is to give you the information, tools, and support you need to reach a level of functionality and mobility that allows you to resume your usual activities and re-establish a higher quality of life. 

Rehab therapy is the most logical first step for restoring mobility following routine procedures like joint-replacement surgery, tendon- or ligament-repair surgery, and fracture repair (casting or surgery). It’s also an invaluable solution for patients who are looking for a natural, drug-free way to improve mobility by reducing chronic pain, including arthritis-related pain and stiffness. 

The importance of movement

Here at Apex Integrated Medical Center, we take a whole-body approach to rehabilitation that incorporates physical therapy, chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, regenerative medicine, and other proven modalities to help you reach your potential as quickly as possible.  

Although each part of a comprehensive rehab program provides its own unique set of benefits, physical therapy is arguably the most important when it comes to improving your mobility. 

That’s because controlled movement helps reduce inflammation, which is your body’s first response to tissue trauma, injury, or damage. While early inflammation does promote healing, at least initially, lingering inflammation leads to reduced mobility and pain. 

On top of decreasing inflammation, precise movement also increases blood flow to the affected area, leading to faster and more far-reaching gains in muscle strength, joint stability, and overall range of motion.

It’s important to keep in mind that physical therapy isn’t simply movement for the sake of moving. Instead, it’s a progressive A-to-Z program of highly targeted exercises and stretches designed to safely, efficiently, and systematically heal your body, alleviate pain, and restore optimal mobility. 

A personalized process

A well-balanced rehabilitation therapy program combines strength, endurance, and flexibility training with patient-specific balance and coordination exercises to help you reach your goals.  

Depending on your personal needs, your program may also incorporate chiropractic care, massage, ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, and regenerative medicine solutions like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy.    

 This multidisciplinary approach can go a long way in decreasing your risk of long-term disability and helping you avoid future injury.

Although a well-planned rehabilitation program can help you achieve substantial gains in joint function, muscle strength, and overall range of motion, it’s important to start slowly, listen to your body, progress gradually, and never push yourself to the point of discomfort or pain.  

Throughout the process, our team works with you to evaluate your progress and make any necessary adjustments so you can continue improving. 

Whether you need help recovering from a sports injury or you’ve been living with a chronic pain condition for far too long, we can help. Call our West Loop office in Chicago today, or use the easy online tool to book an appointment with one of our rehab therapy experts.

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