How IV Therapy Improves Your Overall Health

If you’re relying on traditional vitamins and supplements to improve your health, you could be throwing your money down the drain. That’s because many of the critical nutrients in these oral formulas end up lost as they pass through your digestive system. Only about half of the nutrients in vitamins taken by mouth get absorbed by your body.

That’s why our team at Apex Integrated Medical Center in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago offers IV therapy, which provides 90% absorption.

IV therapy in action

IV therapy works by delivering the essential vitamins and nutrients you need to stay healthy directly into your bloodstream. Since this approach bypasses your digestive system entirely, it provides higher levels of nutrient absorption on a cellular level. 

Some of the most common nutrients in IV therapy include:

When you come to Apex Integrated Medical Center, our IV therapy specialist tailors your infusion according to your care plan. 

Why you should consider IV therapy

Our IV therapy infusions contain a combination of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients delivered in liquid form into your bloodstream. We use these customized blends to address a variety of general and specific health concerns, including:

We can even create a personalized infusion to support your health and wellness if you have an important event coming up. That means that we can help keep you in peak performance during physical activities like marathons or boost your immunity when you travel. IV therapy also improves the appearance of your skin and hair.

What to expect during IV therapy

At your appointment, we’ll discuss your health concerns to identify the specific IV drip and boosters for your infusion. Once prepared, we insert your IV into your arm, and you relax comfortably as the solution enters your bloodstream. In most cases, this takes 30-60 minutes, and you can return to regular activity immediately.

IV therapy offers fast results, typically within days. It’s especially common to notice improved focus and energy levels after your infusion. You can expect these nutrient levels to remain in your system for 2-3 weeks. And, depending on your condition and goals, we can work closely with you to develop an IV therapy plan that maintains long-term results.

To improve your health with IV therapy, contact us by calling Apex Integrated Medical Center or booking an appointment online today.

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